06-09 SEPTEMBER 2017


Rhythms of the Ancients



DizU Plaatjies (Amampondo)

Candy Mokwena (TsaMandebele)

day 1 - 7 september

day 2 - 8 september

day 3 - 9 september


Newtown: Newtown Music Factory (Former Bassline)

Short Performance


WELCOME 10h00 -10h05: Chairperson of Moshito Music Conference and Exhibition, Dr Sipho Sithole


OPENING ADDRESS 10h45 – 11h00:  Minister of Arts and Culture, Honourable Nathi Mthethwa, MP


Main Auditorium


Topic ONE: Rhythms of the Ancients: Dead or Alive?

Once upon a time, when we were kings and queens, we danced and chanted to the rhythm of the ancients. The drum beat, the bellowing sound of a horn blown from the top of the mountain to announce the harvesting season or the naming of child born a few moons ago beckoned us to sing the songs that lifted our spirit.

This session will look at how ancient rhythms and indigenous sounds of what made African music great still find resonance in today’s music., be it Gqom, Hip-hop, Jazz or Soul or Shangaan electro.




Main Auditorium


Topic TWO: The Gospel in Me: A lifestyle or A Calling?

Gospel music has risen to become one of South Africa's top-selling genres, and the phenomenal success has brought its own kind of temptation for musicians of faith. Many artists have been accused that “they don't know how to maintain their Christian life”. Must you be a Christian to sing gospel or is it just music?

This session will look at how the secular artists find expression within the sacred space and whether they find acceptance by those advocating purity in gospel music.


Main Auditorium


Topic THREE: Meet International Music Markets: from Africa to the Americas

The gathering of the grandest music markets from Africa and beyond, sharing best practice, challenges and successes. The Do’s and Don’ts in managing, promoting and hosting a music markets.



Main Auditorium


Topic FOUR: Let Your Music Speak:  Demo Presentations

Music is objective, music never lies. There is no face attached to the music but only the sound which draws attention to the listener; that is how music gets judged.

Many unsigned bands and artists record demos in order to obtain a recording contract. These demos are usually sent to record labels in hopes that the artist will be signed by the label's roster and allowed to record a full-length album in a professional recording studio. However, large record labels usually ignore unsolicited demos that are sent to them by mail; artists generally must be more creative about getting the demos into the hands of the people who make decisions for the record company.

Musicians, producers and composers will be given an opportunity to present their musical works to a panel of music publishers, record labels, and A&R and advertising agents.


Main Auditorium


Topic FIVE:  Decolonizing the Airwaves

Much has been said about local content and the need to create a platform where programming, be it on television or radio, takes cognizance of South Africa rich culture and tradition.  Should we even worry about whether content is local and lekker or should be focusing on content that meets the changing tastes of audiences? Are we getting it right? Do we need to?

This session will look at whether, in the context of music that transcends geographical and cultural borders, there is a case for music programming that favours local content.


Upper Backstage


Topic SIX: Music and the Creative Economy:   A Case for Touring Ventures and Cultural Events:

Music, music festivals and concerts are arguably key contributors to the creative economy of any country, city and town; it drives people mobility with a huge impact on cultural tourism. Yet, the sourcing of funds and sponsorships continue to be the biggest challenge not only for touring artists but for emerging and established festivals and concerts. Is there a case for funding of the arts? Who funds the arts and why?

This session will look at the case of music and creative economy and how to create vibrant and sustainable funding for touring ventures and cultural events.




Main Auditorium


Topic SEVEN: Unpacking the Copyright Amendment Bill & the Performers' Protection Amendment Bill

This session will look at the impact of the proposed Copyright Amendment Bill and Performers' Protection Amendment Bill on the music industries




Main Auditorium


Topic EIGHT:  Scooping that Award: The Art of the hustle!!

How does an artist know that they have arrived in the music industry? What does it take to be recognized by a music awards property?  Is it a nomination to the most coveted music award or is it the final crowning of the award in the respective category?

This session will look at the various music awards and what it takes for an artist to make the cut and be recognized amongst their peers as having something to offer that is a cut above the rest.


Main Auditorium

wrapping up

Sipho Sithole - Moshito Chairperson


Newtown Junction Mall

moshito street festival

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6 - 9 SEPTEMBER 2017

Newtown Music Factory (Former Bassline)

Johannesburg, South Africa